Fanfare Fantastique: Sequence of Miracles - Awakening

for piano

Fanfare Fantastique

Fanfare Fantastique was enthusiastically composed for Marc Peloquin in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the KeyedUp concert series.  It was completed soon after another fanfare (Fanfare for You) I composed for brass and percussion. Both works are inspired by and lovinglydedicated to Jill Abbinanti. Fanfares are often occasional pieces that celebrate something new. My two new fanfares are no exception and celebrate the emergence of love. Fanfare Fantastique: Sequence of Miracles – Awakening intentionally references the title of the Berlioz work: Symphonie Fantastique. His work, autobiographical in nature and inspired by unrequited love, expresses a much different sentiment than my own. Fanfare Fantastique is a celebration of an awakening of awareness, a newly heightened sensitivity to the timelessness and universality of love, beauty and joy. It is an expression of gratitude for that awakening, a tribute to the profound nature of the love I feel for Jill, and finally, for what I perceive to be a sequence of miracles that has brought us together and continues to shape our lives. I am very grateful.

Fanfare Fantastique is about 6 minutes in duration.


Jill Abbinanti