T o Y o u

To You was lovingly composed for the Split Second Piano Duo. The work is a musical journal of the ecstasy and anguish of unrequited love.     

Poster for New York City premiere - designed by Robert Del Tredici

Poster for New York City premiere - designed by Robert Del Tredici


To You:

Your presence in my life has been a great blessing. Your extraordinary brilliance has restored my numb and broken heart. You were already a most cherished friend, but naturally I fell in love with you. Confessing my feelings was one of the most liberating, anxious and ecstatic moments of my life. The disappointment has been painful, and further exacerbated by the fear of losing such a cherished friend. Ultimately, you have awakened my heart and restored my joy by inspiring me to embrace life, even the disappointments. I am alive again!


The Long Winter

The Long Winter

a musical journal

 The work is about twenty-five minutes in duration and consists of two parts, further divided into six chapters, all played without interruption.

Part I:

1.   My Dream of You – an unknown love

2.   No Small Coincidence – falling in love

3.  Stillness – a love song (for you my dear one – a broken heart beats for you)

Part II:

4.   October 26 – declaring my love for you

5.   The Long Winter – lamentation for a love unknown

6.    Anticipating Spring – a love song, joy and love will endure for there is beauty in the nature of everything (for you my dear one – a broken heart still beats for you)

Anticipating Spring

Anticipating Spring


The first performance will be April 27, 2019 at Round Top Music Festival, Round Top, Texas by the Split Second Piano Duo, Marc Peloquin & Roberto Hidalgo

The New York City premiere will be on May 31, 2019, KeyedUp Music Project by the Split Second Piano Duo


The Split Second Piano Duo: Roberto Hidalgo & Marc Peloquin

The beginning…

The beginning…

A love song…

A love song…


Rehearsing “Stillness - a love song”

Rehearsal at Round Top Music Festival

Rehearsal at Round Top Music Festival


A brief talk before the premiere of “To You”


A very joyful moment after the premiere of “To You”

Steven Burke has written a major new work for two pianos titled To You. Roberto and I premiered the first part two weeks ago at the Round Top Festival in Texas. We return to Tenri Cultural Institute on Friday, May 31st, where you will have the opportunity of hearing the premiere of the entire piece. It is a deeply imaginative and virtuosic tour de force, clearly a major contribution to the two piano literature.
— Marc Peloquin